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Alex Atkins

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Alex is a 23-year-old professional Ultimate player for the Colorado Summit and 5th-year captain on Colorado Mamabird. He was named First Team All-American in the college division in 2021. He has played Ultimate ever since he was a kid and is passionate about his Ultimate career as well as growing and evolving the sport. He has taught at Ultimate camps all summer with his dad since he was 18 and is experienced and credentialed in playing and teaching Ultimate. He is more than excited about the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport to the next generation.

Nathan Buchholz

Nate is a 21-year-old from central Massachusetts who has been around Ultimate since he was a child. He currently captains Mamabird and is heading into his 4th year at CU. In addition, he is playing for Denver’s Johnny Bravo and professionally for the Colorado Summit. Growing up, he learned everything about Ultimate from his dad. In high school, Nate formed his own Ultimate program and taught everyone on the team how to play. Ever since he has had a strong drive to grow and progress the sport as its popularity continues to increase.